Well-Being and Chances for All. Now and in the Future!

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inspire! Global Concert


inspire! Global Concert to take place every year, June 20-22, all over the world. Next: 2014

Three days of music calling for: Well-Being & Chances for All. Today and in the Future!


Present your performance to the world through pictures, videos, live stream on the web and media attention.

Promoting inspireing protagonists from lifestyle to social entrepeneurship from all parts of our world.


Get internationally connected with artists, dreamers and makers from all around the globe. Experiment together on global new media cooperation.

inspire..the world!

Fundraising for video camera

Olimometer 2.52

Ras Bomba : Sweeteten Tings, Accra, Ghana

Sepp Eisenriegler´s Repair & Service-Center R.U.S.Z, Vienna, Austria

June Caravel performs Primavera while on her buskingtour in Australia, 2012

German video presentation from 2012 by Sabine Klotz. Written 2013 update in English: the work of CHAY–YA Austria

Tejas Datta hosting and performing at a private jam session in New Delhi, India, 2013

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inspire! global concert

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Bittle Singh: 30.900965, 75.857276
fakakiss: 5.814284, 0.074677
Dan Knoppert: 48.208174, 16.373819
Naser Rahman John: 23.810332, 90.412518
Grass Root Foundation: 55.755826, 37.617300
Abby Shake: 28.704059, 77.102490
Teresa Lemmer e Bruno Teixeira: 38.722252, -9.139337
Tejas Datta: 19.075984, 72.877656
Norti Ponce de Leon: 41.885032, -87.784503
Charly Charty, Ivory Coast: 7.539989, -5.547080
Satiam Shivam Sundaram: -16.290154, -63.588653